Monday, December 7, 2009

What is MountainEars Farms?

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Well, probably getting ahead of ourselves, but we had talked a little about if we would move our "farm" name if we ended up moving.  The answer was, if we came up with something good, then we would....

Well, when we were coming back from Georgetown a few weeks ago some "fun" car chatting was brainstorming various farm names.  Since we have donkeys and have been talking about a mule, these are all known as Long Ears (besides donkeys and mules).  Started playing with different things that had Mountain and Ears in them....and we came up with our own spelling of Mountaineers.  Being Gold Country, there is a long history of mules and donkeys up in that area so it all seemed to make sense.

So, is it....assuming the deal goes through!  Of course, don't try to go to or you'll end up at the Appalachian Hearing Aid company and god knows what they'll put in your ears!


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