Friday, February 5, 2010

Still no joy with BofA

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Checked in with our Realtor, who is checking with BofA twice a day.  Nothing new on the online system and when she calls they say the file is in a "held" state which means it's under review waiting assignment of a negotiator.  They were told the other day this should happen today, but at this point it still has not. 

The holder of the first, Marix, is starting to put some pressure on to get this closed and needs the response from BofA to do so and as a result the Realtor has posted a message indicating this pressure in hopes that they will respond otherwise they could lose it all (as we would as well, going to foreclosure is not beneficial to us at all). 

Hopefully we'll hear something soon, I'll have to check in on Monday if we don't hear anything today.


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