Saturday, April 10, 2010

We visited the property yesterday

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We spent a little time up at the property yesterday now that they are almost moved out.  Not as much time as we wanted to, but it did give us a little bit of reality.

Lots to do up there to get it livable.  We have to deal with a little bit of pasture re-arrangement to make it so we can get the animals up there and separated they way they need to be.  We have a couple ideas, but need to think it through a little bit.  May require a little fence work.

House is another story.  It is a good house and a good floor plan I think.  However, the last few years with the lady living there with her 8 dogs has taken it's toll.  All the carpets need to come out and be replaced (hopefully it is just that, and no sub-floor damage).  We'll also need to paint a couple rooms for sure, maybe all the bedrooms and the baths.  That should get rid of the smell, along with a good cleaning.

Additionally, the kitchen really needs work, needs a quick remodel.  We're thinking about yanking the cabinets and refreshing.  There is very little overhead cabinet space, the appliances are old and not in great shape, and the cabinets themselves are very poor quality (and in bad shape).  So if we can keep things mostly the same, minor changes, just redo, maybe we can get through it for a reasonable price and make it way more livable.  Down the road, who knows, maybe more will be done, but something needs to happen soon.

These were not necessarily planned things, we thought we might be able to get away with just a cleaning, but it will take more than that.  And these are the major things, there are still a TON of other things that will need to be done.  Still working through budgets and financing, it may still all work out, just makes it that much more challenging!  


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