Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vincent helping us at the farm

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Our nephew Vincent spent two days up here helping us get things ready. He spent much of his time on this riding mower doing a great job. But he also helped to unload a trailer full of stuff, worked with me on the coop and fencing plus got a lot of things I could not reach!

Thanks for helping us!

15 chickens and 2 cats in a car

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Chris brought all the chickens and our outdoor cats to the new house on Saturday. Besides having a smelly car there were thankfully no disasters!  

Dad and Vincent came to visit for the first time as well. I was able to kidnap Vincent and he is staying with me to help get ready for the next batch of animals that are coming up next week.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of the piles of junk

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Here is one of the piles of junk we have ready four hauling to the dump.

There is another one in the garage and more coming. We found someone that will come haul it for cheap so it should be gone quick.  

Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog title is no longer Diary of a Short Sale

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The short sale process has finished, so I figured it was time to change the title of the blog to just MountainEars Farm.  We will continue to chronicle the move and other activities at the farm.

The moving continues....

Friday, May 21, 2010

The chicken coop is almost ready

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A bit if progress on the coop today. All enclosed, door is on and new custom ramp (there is an automatic slide door at the too of the ramp that I took from our coop in Gilroy)  

Just need to do some finishing touches and mesh in their outside area. Will do that next week.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow, we're tired!

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It's been a busy few days, Chris was up here yesterday and today.  The painters are due to finish tomorrow (Friday) and have done a fantastic job.  Carpets will be installed next Tuesday.  We're making some slow progress on other projects, but it is coming along.

Chris and I will head to Gilroy tomorrow evening and spend the weekend there, coming back up here on Monday evening so we can be here for the carpet install on Tuesday.

We still have a bit to do to be ready to move all of our animals up here, but we'll get there.  Finally had a good start on the re-building of the nasty chicken coop they had here (pictures below of what it looked like and where I'm at as of today) and hopefully we'll be close to wrapping that up tomorrow.


So far....I have the new floor in place, need to wall in two sides to enclose it completely.  Then we'll do chicken wire along the rest of it so they have a completely enclosed indoor/outdoor setup to keep them confined for a little bit.  Eventually they will be let out to roam around, but they need to learn their new home first...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Work entry

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Mostly photos this time with some quick captions.  I put the photos on Picasa, it's easier for Margarete to see these from Abu Dhabi since they block Flickr.

Painting begins on the main floor (we're not touching the basement area at this point, or the kitchen) and some carpets got yanked up to reveal the pet damage...

To keep the decisions to a minimum, we decided to use the colors we have inside our current house, we're comfortable with them....

Click the link below to go to the photos on Picasa, and look through the captions...

What was on the trailer

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In my last post I showed a picture of the trailer hitch that came apart on Chris on her way home yesterday and said I was thankful it happened when the trailer was empty.

Well, this picture shows what was loaded on the trailer earlier in the day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our picture in front of the SOLD sign...

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Finally were able to get our picture taken in front of the for sale sign today....nice day up here, first load of stuff made it up fine and getting ready for the painters tomorrow.

Chris stayed just for the day, came up with Barbara who was a great help. On the way home though there was a mishap with the trailer we rented to pull the tractor up here.  Thank God it was with the trailer empty and Chris was the one driving, she is an awesome trailer hauler and knows what to do in a bad situation.  When we rented the trailer, they provided us with a receiver and ball, which apparently was not secured to the receiver.  Sometime during the trip home the nut came off the bottom of the ball and it popped off, while they were on the freeway doing 65 MPH.  Thank God no one was hurt and that no other cars were involved....Need to chat with the trailer company in the morning.

And thank you to the CHP and AAA Road Service who got them out of a dangerous spot.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First load of stuff heading to the house...

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Chris and I are going up on Sunday morning, I'll be staying through the week to watch over the painters and get some work done around the property in the evening.  Chris will head back home Sunday night but will rejoin me on Wednesday/Thursday.  The fun begins!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time, start to finish...

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Six months and two days from the time our offer was accepted to recording title....phew!

It's official!

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Title records by 3 PM today....done deal....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Signed! And our house is officially for sale...

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Yesterday was a busy day.  We signed our loan papers for the new house!  Monday they will be back at the Title Company and then they can finish the processing of the title.  Hopefully that will go smoothly and quickly, once they record the title, we are officially the owners....maybe sometime next week.

We're moving forward though with getting it ready.  Painters are scheduled to be there on the 17th, carpet should be going in the following week.

And, when we came home from signing the papers, we saw the For Sale sign was up in front of our house.  That was a little tough to see, it will be difficult leaving this place and seeing the sign made it really sink in.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loan Docs are at the Title Company!

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Yipee, loan docs have made it to the Title Company.  Almost time to change the title of this blog!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loan Approval....phew!

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We received our Wells Fargo loan approval, finally!  Still not done, but this is a huge bit of relief to get the formal approval of our loan.  So close now, not much in the way of this deal which is good because it is supposed to close by the 12th!  Looks like that should not be a problem, hopefully it is all final before then actually. 

Good thing too, we bought all new appliances for the house over the weekend and a new TV (priorities!).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Waiting on Wells Fargo....arghh...

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We keep getting timelines from Wells Fargo that they miss every time, very frustrating.  Our loan went to final underwriting last Monday (May 26) and was supposed to be completed in 48 hours.  They came back asking for one piece of documentation that we turned around immediately.  It's now Sunday, still no news.  Hopefully tomorrow....
Once they complete this, then they can send loan documents to the Title Company.  We found out that once that happens, final paperwork goes to the banks that currently hold the mortgage on the place for final approval, THEN we can sign and transfer title...  How long will this take?  Both of those banks have set close dates of mid-month, but hopefully it's sooner.