Friday, May 21, 2010

The chicken coop is almost ready

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A bit if progress on the coop today. All enclosed, door is on and new custom ramp (there is an automatic slide door at the too of the ramp that I took from our coop in Gilroy)  

Just need to do some finishing touches and mesh in their outside area. Will do that next week.


cc said...

Wow looks great! Can't wait to visit!

joan B. Gonzales said...

Ken, is there a chance you might come across rattle snakes while tending to your chores ? Forgot about those critters ! We had 'em growing up in Vacaville.
One A.M. Mom Huggard stepped outside to see one with a chick in its mouth. She yelled at Uncle Bob to bring a hoe and chopped its head clean off with one blow ! She had the advantage because that rattler had its mouth stuffed with baby chick and couldn't strike. Still gives me the creeps ! Hope you have a sidearm on the farm!

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