Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our picture in front of the SOLD sign...

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Finally were able to get our picture taken in front of the for sale sign today....nice day up here, first load of stuff made it up fine and getting ready for the painters tomorrow.

Chris stayed just for the day, came up with Barbara who was a great help. On the way home though there was a mishap with the trailer we rented to pull the tractor up here.  Thank God it was with the trailer empty and Chris was the one driving, she is an awesome trailer hauler and knows what to do in a bad situation.  When we rented the trailer, they provided us with a receiver and ball, which apparently was not secured to the receiver.  Sometime during the trip home the nut came off the bottom of the ball and it popped off, while they were on the freeway doing 65 MPH.  Thank God no one was hurt and that no other cars were involved....Need to chat with the trailer company in the morning.

And thank you to the CHP and AAA Road Service who got them out of a dangerous spot.


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