Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wow, we're tired!

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It's been a busy few days, Chris was up here yesterday and today.  The painters are due to finish tomorrow (Friday) and have done a fantastic job.  Carpets will be installed next Tuesday.  We're making some slow progress on other projects, but it is coming along.

Chris and I will head to Gilroy tomorrow evening and spend the weekend there, coming back up here on Monday evening so we can be here for the carpet install on Tuesday.

We still have a bit to do to be ready to move all of our animals up here, but we'll get there.  Finally had a good start on the re-building of the nasty chicken coop they had here (pictures below of what it looked like and where I'm at as of today) and hopefully we'll be close to wrapping that up tomorrow.


So far....I have the new floor in place, need to wall in two sides to enclose it completely.  Then we'll do chicken wire along the rest of it so they have a completely enclosed indoor/outdoor setup to keep them confined for a little bit.  Eventually they will be let out to roam around, but they need to learn their new home first...


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