Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garden Valley Car Show

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Hung out over at the Garden Valley Car Show yesterday.  Nice community car show with a decent number of cars.  You can click on the badge of photos below to look at all 42 photos if you'd like...

the Nursery is finished!

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We have new baby chicks coming next week and our remaining hens have not been sitting so we needed to setup a safe place for them to get a little bigger.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Koi and Goldfish

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Tried to grab a few photos of the fish in our two ponds.  I'm starting to think we need more fish in the bigger pond!  I have a friend who knows this fish stuff pretty well and wanted him to see the fish and help me figure out what we have.  Most are goldfish I believe, but there are a couple of Koi in there too.

Click on the photos for larger versions and see the captions for info.

This is the upper small pond.  You can see just about all the fish at the near end of the photo.
A few of the smaller fish.
The white one in the center is the biggest in this pond.  We call him Mr Limpet, all the ones immediately surrounding him are Goldfish, he I believe is some sort of Koi.
Another view of Mr Limpet.
The dark colored ones are hard to see, you can just make him out behind the two front Goldfish. I think it's a fan-tail type of Koi.
Tried to get a shot where you could see his tail fin better, against Mr Limpett he shows up a little better.
I didn't take an overall shot of the larger pond, but these fish are in that larger pond.  I think many of them were under the water plants, so I could only get shots of two of the larger Koi types in this pond. 
Another shot of this big one, he's a little bigger than Mr Limpet I believe.
Last photo, you can see the smaller of the two I was able to photograph this morning.  The lighting is not as good down there either (at least at that time).

A few random photos from around the farm and area

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I had a few photos that I shared on Facebook from my mobile phone, thought I'd re-post them here for those non-Facebook folks.  Nothing really ties these photos together other than that they are from the area and from my phone!

Captions on each photo explain what is going on, you can click on each photo to see a larger version.

Testing out my birthday present from Chris, this leaf blower will see a lot of use clearing out pine needles around here!
OK, Molly did not dig all of these holes, but she is sure looking guilty and tired in this photo!  Chris and I were actually working on our pet cemetery...yes, you read it right.  Back in Gilroy any of our family animals that left us we had cremated for our pet cemetery.  We moved all of them to our new home, we could not leave them behind.  They are all in their spots now  next to the pomegranate tree we transplanted from Gilroy as well, but we still have to set all the markers, I'll put a picture up when it's completed.
Dewey, one of our barn cats.  As my friend Dave commented, the caption should read "You may approach the throne!"
OK, for these two pictures you really need to click on them and see the larger versions.  This is not indicative of everyone around here, but we do live in the country and have some interesting characters nearby.  This is just a couple miles from our place, we call this the Hillbilly Slip 'n Slide.  They have setup a bunch of hay bales that are holding down plastic tarps on the side of a hill.  They have some oscillating sprinklers attached to t-posts that water the whole thing down and the kids slide down the wet, slippery hill.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some quick pictures from around the outside.

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I haven't had a chance to pull my camera out and take more detailed pictures around the property, hopefully I'll be able to do that soon enough and get them posted.  In the meantime, I had my cell phone camera out and took a few pictures around the outside of the property to show how things look after a few months in (for those of you that had been up here previously or seen older pictures).

As usual, you can click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

Looking from the house towards the driveway gate.  You can see the dog kennel in the background.   A lot of poorly cared for roses and other plants were removed from around the tree in the gravel driveway area as well as along the driveway.

Looking from the driveway gate, kennel is to he right.  Straight ahead, just to the left is the fenced in garden area.  More on that area below, but all of the "grass has been mowed down (was waist high when we got the place) and irrigation has been repaired so we can get it in better shape.

Looking just to the left of the previous picture, detached garage in the background.
Here you can start to see the house in the background.  A lot of small trees, brush and ground cover has been removed.  We do plan on taking out some more trees in that area to open things up a little more so you can see the house better.
Looking to the left of the house a little, this part of the deck takes you to the "main"entrance, through the gazebo.  There is lawn area to the left of that.
The fenced in raised bed garden area.  Vincent and Chris did a huge amount of work clearing out this area, it was so overgrown you could not see through the fencing.  Right now our goal is to clear things back so we can start clean.  The grape vines were left, just pruned back and that is our potting bench from Gilroy. 
Here you can see the two HUGE 7-8' tall piles of brush and tree waste that Vincent and Chris cleared out of the yard.  This is where it will sit until we can get a chipper over here and chop it all up...
Looking at the side of the house.  To the left is the detached garage, on the back side of it is a seating area covered with a trellis and the top pond is in the middle just outside the house next to the seating area.
This is looking down from the back of the house towards the pastures.  You can see the larger pond that is used for irrigation of the pastures, just in front of it is the Georgetown Divide irrigation ditch that runs through our property which feeds our pond
Looking up at the back of the house, you can see the rear deck of the house that overlooks the lower pond, pasture and barns.

View of the main barn from the upper part of the property.

You can see the upper small pond in the foreground, the seating area behind the detached garage in the background.  The pond was completely overgrown, you could hardly see it and we had to replace the pump and filter.  Thankfully all of the fish survived the pump/filter failures.
Another view of the small pond, you can just barely make out some of the Koi in the picture.
This is the seating area with the trellis and grapes growing through it.
Last photo for this round...this is back up to the front/top of the house, the front porch.  The main entry is off on the far side of the porch, the closest door in the photo takes you into the mudroom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun times! Pauley get together at MountainEars

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Pauley Family @ MountainEars

It was very nice to have my Dad, siblings, nieces and nephews up to visit the new property on Sunday.  It was the first time we have all been together in about a years time since Margarete has been overseas working in Abu Dhabi.  Will be about another year as she heads back soon.  It was also the first time that brothers Bill and Bob, with their families, were able to visit the farm.  To top it all off, it was incredibly great weather on Sunday which helped make the gathering that much more special!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chicken massacre

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Well, Saturday was a pretty sad day around here.  We were alerted by some neighbors that breed Jack Russell Terriers that two of their dogs had made it onto our property.  Jack Russell's are a fox hunting breed, their nature is to go after small animals and unfortunately for our chickens they lived up to their breed.  Our chickens have a very secure coop to retire to in the evening, but during the day we let them free range.

Out of 16 chickens that we had, 12 were killed.  None of our mature hens survived, but our single rooster did survive (he is missing all of his tail feathers, so it was a narrow escape).  The other sad part of the whole encounter was that we were only able to capture one of the dogs, the owners tried to capture the other dog but the dog would not comply after a long time of trying.  With four birds still unaccounted for we had no choice but to shoot and kill the dog.  The owner has reported that they will place the other dog far away from our home and has committed to paying for the cost to replace our birds.

The picture shows the four remaining birds.