Saturday, August 28, 2010

A few random photos from around the farm and area

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I had a few photos that I shared on Facebook from my mobile phone, thought I'd re-post them here for those non-Facebook folks.  Nothing really ties these photos together other than that they are from the area and from my phone!

Captions on each photo explain what is going on, you can click on each photo to see a larger version.

Testing out my birthday present from Chris, this leaf blower will see a lot of use clearing out pine needles around here!
OK, Molly did not dig all of these holes, but she is sure looking guilty and tired in this photo!  Chris and I were actually working on our pet cemetery...yes, you read it right.  Back in Gilroy any of our family animals that left us we had cremated for our pet cemetery.  We moved all of them to our new home, we could not leave them behind.  They are all in their spots now  next to the pomegranate tree we transplanted from Gilroy as well, but we still have to set all the markers, I'll put a picture up when it's completed.
Dewey, one of our barn cats.  As my friend Dave commented, the caption should read "You may approach the throne!"
OK, for these two pictures you really need to click on them and see the larger versions.  This is not indicative of everyone around here, but we do live in the country and have some interesting characters nearby.  This is just a couple miles from our place, we call this the Hillbilly Slip 'n Slide.  They have setup a bunch of hay bales that are holding down plastic tarps on the side of a hill.  They have some oscillating sprinklers attached to t-posts that water the whole thing down and the kids slide down the wet, slippery hill.


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