Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Koi and Goldfish

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Tried to grab a few photos of the fish in our two ponds.  I'm starting to think we need more fish in the bigger pond!  I have a friend who knows this fish stuff pretty well and wanted him to see the fish and help me figure out what we have.  Most are goldfish I believe, but there are a couple of Koi in there too.

Click on the photos for larger versions and see the captions for info.

This is the upper small pond.  You can see just about all the fish at the near end of the photo.
A few of the smaller fish.
The white one in the center is the biggest in this pond.  We call him Mr Limpet, all the ones immediately surrounding him are Goldfish, he I believe is some sort of Koi.
Another view of Mr Limpet.
The dark colored ones are hard to see, you can just make him out behind the two front Goldfish. I think it's a fan-tail type of Koi.
Tried to get a shot where you could see his tail fin better, against Mr Limpett he shows up a little better.
I didn't take an overall shot of the larger pond, but these fish are in that larger pond.  I think many of them were under the water plants, so I could only get shots of two of the larger Koi types in this pond. 
Another shot of this big one, he's a little bigger than Mr Limpet I believe.
Last photo, you can see the smaller of the two I was able to photograph this morning.  The lighting is not as good down there either (at least at that time).


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