Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of rain on The Divide

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Glad we were able to get our winter prep pretty much completed.  Splash has a nice shelter to stay in now and all the rest of the animals have the big barn.

First real rain of the season is much more than what we were used to in Gilroy.  Yesterday we had almost 1.5" of rain.  Today, it's only 2 PM and we're already over 4" of rain.  The picture below shows a few of the "community" weather stations like ours that report in the area, I highlighted our location.  The numbers show the amount of rain so far today.

Of course you can look at the real time weather image to the right on the blog as well as a current image of what things look like (assuming it's not dark).

Haven't had to crank up the generator yet but I would not be surprised if that happens....

Click image to see a larger version


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