Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shelter construction complete

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Well, they (Foothill Country Sheds & Shelters out of Shingle Springs) finished their part of the construction of our new shelter today.  They'll be back tomorrow to clean up.  So the rest is in our court.  We need to finish filling in the rock, finish up the fencing, drop in a gate and then I have some electrical and water work to do so we can get this all wrapped up!

Here's some shots from today to show how it looks all wrapped in it's metal outside (click to enlarge):

Our entry door to the side.  The gate will go from that round white post on the left to the corner of the shelter that is trimmed in white.  We ordered a 4' overhang in the front and the half wall will give them some protection but allow them to look outside which they like to do!

Here you can see the back, the wash rack is behind it.  I'll be running water out to there for washing and for the water inside the shelter.  Will also be putting some gutters along the back and probably the front.

Better view of the half wall.  They don't finish the inside all the way to the ceiling (unless you ask for it), we just wanted some kick walls, 5/8" thick plywood.


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