Sunday, August 28, 2011

Uncle Bob West Coast Visit

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Thought I would post the whole family shot we took yesterday.  Uncle Bob is winding down his big West Coast Visit (quite a big trip for a young 87 year old) and this time the whole family got together for a photo, we haven't been able to do this for some time so it was nice.  And of course it was great to see Uncle Bob too!  Click the photo for a larger version.

From left to right: Mary Jane, Chris, Liam, Margarete, Vincent, Uncle Bob, Ken, Billy in the back with Archer, Dad up front, Bob, Camille and Caroline

Friday, August 19, 2011

Uncle Bob visits MountainEars Farm!

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My Uncle Bob visited us the last couple of days all the way from Michigan.  Had a wonderful visit with him and my Dad staying with us over night.  Barbara came up for dinner and brought a marvelous cake that we enjoyed after dinner.  On the second day of his visit we visited a couple of local landmarks as well as a tour of two of the fire stations.  Uncle Bob used to own a Studebaker of his own, so he was impressed to see the fully restored Studebaker engine the department uses for parades. 
Pictures below, as always click on them for larger versions.

Dad and Uncle Bob with the Studebaker Engine

Uncle Bob and I at Station 61

Dad and Uncle Bob @ Buffalo Hill Cafe

Uncle Bob and Chris with Angus

Dad, myself, Chris and Uncle Bob ready to have dinner (Barbara handling the camera!)