Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost ready for paint

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We're hoping that some paint will be put on the house this week, so these are the last photos prior to color changes.  You can see the changes we made to the front of the house with a more "formal", clearly identified front door and now the mudroom entrance comes in the side.  All of the window and door trim has been replaced and we added the gable roof over the front entrance.  All of the gable spaces will be treated with redwood shingles for accent after the paint is done.  Additionally the railings have been redone front and rear, we'll be coming back with some wrought iron accents between the rails later.

Click on the photos for larger versions.

The newly re-designed front entry

Full front view
Side entrance to mudroom

Side entrance

Back railing, we have gone around the tree growing through the deck to give it more room too.  Had to rebuild a bit of the deck back here to make it safe until we can completely rebuild the deck, but that is a much bigger job.


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