Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another project begins soon! Kitchen Remodel!

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We are finally going to bite the bullet and do remodel our kitchen!  This is something we've been talking and thinking about ever since we bought the place, now it seems it really is going to happen.

Chris found a kitchen cabinet company that she really liked and in their brochure they had pictures of this mixed color combination that she fell in love with.  We ended up deciding to go with Home Depot and they happen to carry this brand (Decora).  We are styling it after this, with our own touches of course (and a lot of great input from our kitchen designer at Home Depot...I won't use her name unless she wants us too).

Cabinets have been ordered so we have about 4-6 weeks to wait until we can start tearing things apart.  Until then, I wanted to get some before pictures of our kitchen online.

I have included pictures of the dining room and adjoining mudroom because we'll be doing some work in both of them, we're running the wood floors into both rooms and we'll be doing a buffet style pass-thru to the dining room much like in the Decora picture below.

I took a bunch of pictures, so rather than putting them directly in the blog there is an album on Shutterfly that can be checked out if you're interested.  The album is shown below.

Decora Brochure Photo


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