Monday, May 28, 2012

What's left of the kitchen

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Our nephew Vincent was up this Memorial Day Weekend to help us demolish the floors in the kitchen.  Three days of labor for the three of us, painful.  There were two layers of linoleum on top of the subfloor, each with their own layer of wood and tons of nail gun staples.  We were also able to get the brick floor and tile entry demolished too.  Reconstruction starts soon!

As always, click on the photos for larger versions.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More demolition

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Our trusty nephew Vinnie has been up here helping on demolition, a lot gets done whenever he is around!

Most of the major demolition is done, last big piece is the floor but we need to have the contractor look at that before we tear things up.  But we have all of the wood paneling down (of course there was no sheetrock under it) and we demolished the island and pantry.  So now I can get moving on more electrical work!

As always, click on the pictures for larger versions.

We now have a dance floor for a kitchen now that the island is removed.

Don't be fooled, that is vinyl wood flooring

You now have a good view from the dining room to the kitchen!

The open wall will have glass pass through cabinets across the top.

Living Room paneling is down.  All the carpet will be wood floors.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kitchen cabinets have arrived!

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Have been busy doing a bit of demolotion and electrical work in the kitchen since the last post was made. We have also decided to expand the project to include wood flooring in the living room and the entry way, so that means we need to sheetrock the living room now so it will not be too much wood. The project grows.

Good news is that all of our cabinets have arrived (2 weeks ahead of schedule) and will be inspected next week. If everything is there, we'll be starting our installation the first week of June!

You can click on the pictures below to view them larger.

New recessed lighting installed

Blue tape is the outline of the new island.  Many cabinets removed.

Trying to leave the sink and dishwasher in place as longa s possible.

Our custom cantilevered countertop and high end easy bake oven

Sold the old wood stove on Craigslist

Dining Room paneling coming down...

Now that we're re-doing the living room, here's some before shots

Cabinets fill up one half of the garage!

All the cabinets are taking up half of the garage!