Thursday, June 28, 2012

More cabinet work in the kitchen

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Cabinet work continued today with the completion of the island end, including the mounting of the wood slab and some other cabinet work.  It also included another change, we're not happy with the range wall so we decided to change the upper cabinets.  This is going to cost us but this is the time to do it...looked good on paper!  So the uppers are going to come down and will be replace with something not quite as massive, will be a slight delay.

Click on the photos for larger versions

The front legs under the wood slab will be removed, temporary...

White cabinets on back wall will be swapped for smaller ones

Was able to get all the lights in the buffet cabinet lit tonight

Bench seating under window installed and "hall tree" at the end was assembled

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cabinets are getting installed!

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Cabinet work has been underway for the last two days, starting to look like a kitchen again!  Took the pictures at night which can be a little challenging, will take more later....

Click the photos for larger versions.

Island is being assembled, much work to do.  Bench seating to right of fridge

Range wall is the far wall.  White cabinets will go on wall.

The pass through buffet is in place and we're thrilled with it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Today we had sheetrock hung on the walls, so now things are starting to look like rooms again.  Taping and texture should be done by end of day Friday so we can hopefully get some rough paint on the wall next week.

Click the photos for larger versions of course...

Kitchen wall all patched up

The new range will be on the far wall

Looking from the kitchen into the Living Room and Dining Room

Back at the kitchen sink wall with the multicolored sheetrock

Dining Room

Back into the Kitchen, there will be a buffet cabinet in the wall to the right of the doorway

Living Room from the Dining Room

Living Room again.  All the walls in this room and the Dining Room were wood paneled previously

Living Room

Living Room from the Kitchen

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Update Post #2 - Some new walls and some finish samples

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Contractors were here for about 5 hours this week, so a little got done, but not a lot.  Sheetrock next week so it should change a bit with that.  What you can see in the photos is we have the wall between the dining room and kitchen removed with some new walls on either side to support the new buffet cabinets that will go there.

We also have our new natural wood slab for our bar countertop and some of the flooring arrived, so we put everything out on the floor to see how it all looks in the room.  We decided that the backsplash we picked out will not go, so now were on a hunt for something new.  See the comments below the photos and click on them for larger versions.

Natural pine wood slab is the big piece in the middle, that's our new bar counter

The lights are mercury glass, the big one will be over our kitchen table, the smaller ones over the bar.  The flooring is a natural finished Acacia flooring.

The wall is gone but there are two new little ones to support the buffet pass-thru

Looking back through the opening to the kitchen

Another shot of the new floor.  Plus the project grew again, wer'e putting slate under the wood burning stove and up the wall behind it so there will be no more visible brick in the house.

Kitchen Remodel Update Post #1 - Demolition complete!

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When these pictures were taken it was when we just finished the major demolition, the last piece was to remove the kitchen sink and a few other small pieces.  So these are the last pictures of stuff coming out, the rest of the pictures should all be about new changes, things going in.

As usual, click the pictures for larger versions.

Kitchen Sink is gone....but we put the cabinet face on our rolling cart!

We re-insulated the outside walls with some thicker stuff while we were there...