Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost done!

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Getting close, not much left to do.  Tile work will be finished on Monday, then we can get our appliances and faucets in and finish painting and electrical/lighting, but we are really close now!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Granite Countertops Installed

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Today the granite countertops were installed and more flooring was put in place, so a busy day!  Very happy to have real countertops in place again!  Click for larger photos and see the captions below them for more detail.

Faucet is just set in place for effect, it won't lean forward like that when done!

Took 4 guys to get this huge slab put in place!

Island sink is now visible....

Range will go between these two, upper cabinets in about 2 weeks

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Big week for change in the kitchen

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This last week was probably the biggest change we have seen in the re-construction work, with most all of the cabinets in place it really looks like a kitchen and better than we had hoped.  Now we wait a little bit, with a few changes here and there coming.  The templates were made for the granite now we wait to get that installed later this month.   Work on installing the floors should begin later this week which should be another huge change.

Until the next changes come, here's a few shots of some detail stuff that happened.  See the captions for each picture for info, click on the picture for larger versions.

I installed the microwave last night in the island, nice to get it off our rolling cart!
Crown moulding was installed, finishes off the cabinets!
New sink was put in place for the granite template.  Stainless apron front sink
Cabinet installers surprised us with this nice touch on the crown.  Since it was a long span, rather than putting a seam in this spot, they put a decorative bump out in the crown.
It's hard to see in the wider shots, we selected a rustic alder wood for the stained cabinets.  They have these great knots in the doors, some go all the way through so you can see into the cabinets.